Do you laugh enough?

DThis is just for fun; don’t worry about your answers. This will help you find out how lighthearted you are and how often you laugh. You may not even be conscious of whether you do or don’t laugh – this will help you become aware.

Answer yes or no, to the following questions.

  1. Do you spontaneously laugh at least once everyday? (Besides nervous, deflective or malicious laughter).

  2. Do you frequently laugh for longer than one minute?

  3. Do you ever feel happy to the point of giddiness?

  4. Do you expose yourself to things that make you laugh on a frequent basis?

  5. Can you easily name five things that make you laugh?

  6. Do you notice that you feel happier after watching comedy as opposed to things of a violent, suspenseful or dangerous nature?

  7. Do you prefer to be around people who make you light-hearted rather than people who encourage you to gossip and critique others?

  8. Do you notice humour in everyday things?

  9. Can you recall a time where you laughed so hard your eyes teared up, your cheeks hurt, or your stomach ached?

  10. Do you watch comedy after a stressful day to unwind?

  11. Would you prefer to be happy rather than successful?

  12. Would you prefer to be happy rather than have a lot of money?

  13. Do you feel you can be yourself around others?

  14. Are you able to take light-hearted approaches to serious matters, knowing ultimately all matters are actually unserious?

  15. Do you believe that laughter may improve your health?

  16. Are you conscious of what makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad?

  17. Would you be willing to stop doing things that don’t put you in a good state?

  18. Would you consider changing some of your habits if you knew that you would feel better?

  19. Do you have a clear understanding of things that make you feel happy, lighthearted and fun?

There are no right or wrong answers here. Where you are is where you are, but it is my hope that by the time you finish my book Laugh there will be more yeses than there are no’s.

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