Quick hacks to laugh more

QFor those who work full-time, I’ve created a list of ways to include laughter into the work day. For those who work flexibly, are raising children, or are at school and university, laughter can be used in the same circumstances – in a lunch break, whilst commuting, or at any chance that you can take a break.

A quick and easy hack – laughing during your commute.

Do you spend at least 15-minutes commuting to and from work everyday? Instead of reading that crime novel, scrolling aimlessly through Facebook or playing Candy Crush, how about watching funny Youtube videos? Or perhaps listening to a humorous podcast. Better yet, you could call a friend whom you know will make you laugh. While in larger cities people don’t always appreciate this, you might even speak to the person next to you and have a fun conversation with them. If you drive then why not select a funny radio station, or a podcast? Make your commute a place where you can laugh and have fun and set yourself up for a day of positivity and happiness.

In my experience, even a few seconds of laughter is enough to begin a change of state. For example, while writing this book I often took laughing breaks where I’d chuck on my favourite Youtube clips, laugh for a few minutes and then get back to writing feeling refreshed and revitalised. I didn’t time myself or put any kind of goal on the laughter, I just wanted to feel good.

Laughing at work

If you work full-time in an office, unless you happen to work for Google, Hulu or Virgin, you’re probably in dire need of laughter breaks.

We’ve discussed that laughter visualisation is a helpful way to prevent anxiety, this is something you can do at your desk, even in an open plan office.

If you have your own office, or a breakout room, then you can actually laugh out loud. A short Youtube clip, a quick call to a funny friend, or perhaps reading some hilarious articles online will be just enough to reset any work stress and have you feeling refreshed, creative and in control again.

If they’re receptive, a colleague or two might like to join you – remember we are 30 times more likely to laugh with others than we are alone.

Laughing on your lunch break

How you spend your lunch break is up to you. It’s up to you who you share lunch with (if anyone) and where you eat it (unless you’re working for a very strict company). Be careful who you eat with – if they don’t make you laugh, or feel good then they may not be someone you want to spend time with.

You may choose to spend your lunch break in a cafe reading The Onion and chuckling away, or take a walk in the park while listening to The Ricky Gervais Show. You might need to eat a sandwich at your desk on a busy day, but perhaps while you eat it, you watch a few funny cat videos online.

While you wait

Our life is made up of many things and waiting, particularly for someone like me who is early or at least on-time for everything, is one of them. Whether it’s waiting for public transport, waiting for a friend to arrive, waiting in traffic, or when we’re just filling in time until an appointment: these can be the perfect opportunities to squeeze in some laughter time. They are the perfect times for us to watch, read or listen to something uplifting. No extra time required and chances are you’ll go into the next moment with a more positive attitude.

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