I was asked, recently, “what do you write about on your blog?” and I answered as you would expect; “travel.” Except, it dawned on me, later that day, that I’m not actually currently travelling a whole lot. I’ve signed a year-long apartment lease, which means that not only I am in Melbourne – I actually live in Melbourne. This city is home, for the next year at least.

While I will be travelling in and around Melbourne and possibly other parts of Australia this year (and an Asia trip or two if I can wrangle it), I expect that many of my blog posts will be less about travelling through new countries and more about travelling through life in general, which got me thinking:

We’re all travelling.

For starters, the earth is moving through space at 390 kilometers per second.

That’s travelling.

But we’re not just physically moving at speed, our lives are moving at speed too.

Whether we’re venturing through education, new work experiences, navigating relationships, having children or buying houses – we’re moving. These are all experiences that move us from one place to another, even if our physical space doesn’t change at all.

So while my physical space won’t be changing a great deal (and with this view it’s hard to complain about that) this year, I still plan to write about travelling through life.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 18.07.18

If I could replace the word “travel” with something that explains current life better, I might use the word “explore”.  I think “explore” explains what I’m doing better. I like exploring. I’ve always liked exploring. I’ve liked exploring since I was five or six and my Mum introduced me to some of the great explorers. An interest arose and subsequently Incus (the family cat) had three kittens named Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo and Earnest Shackelton, or Chris, Marco and Shack for short.

This year I’ll be exploring new parts of Melbourne and Australia, new concepts and ideas and navigating my way through a new job and new life experiences that are yet to reveal themselves.

This year I’m also looking to become better and more widely read in both non-fiction and fiction. I’m already finding that sometimes armchair travel is just as incredible as jumping on a plane.

So far this year my explorations have taken me through Melbourne city, through the Botanical gardens, to Brighton Beach, South Melbourne and St Kilda Beaches, through a challenging job contract, through the process of finding a new job role, immersed me in the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama, taken me towards completing my first Jane Austen novel (a little late to the party I know!), through my first few words in Mandarin and into a flotation tank for the first time (more on that in my next post!).

And all of those things occurred without even having to pack a suitcase. It’s not that I wouldn’t love to pack a suitcase and live life on the road again, I still dream of places far away and feel most inspired and at peace standing in the travel section of a bookstore, but I’m enjoying the process of slower travel and working on other important life areas.

And as always – I’m still enjoying the view.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 18.08.24

Until next time,

Safe travels xx