On leaving Chiang Mai, we spent five hours in a mini van travelling to Chiang Khong. Fortunately there was some onboard entertainment in the form of a dvd player otherwise I think I might have gone crazy. We stopped at a nut factory – I’m not big into nuts so instead I bought an ice cream – it was just like a trumpet – but it had little marshmallows on the top – I was quite pleased with myself. We also stopped at what I thought was the most interesting temple yet, I really was awestruck by this one. Unlike the other 50 million we had already seen this one was white and very beautiful. There were a few design details that were a bit off considering it is a buddhist temple, for example the weird masks hanging from trees, hands reaching up out of the ground and paintings of people wearing gas masks – which unfortunately I was restricted from photographing. Having spent a year at design school and therefore being surrounded by design and fine arts students I was able to just go with it.

We reached our Chiang Khong hotel in near darkness, and had dinner overlooking the Mekong River towards Laos – our next destination.