The first time I experienced vertigo from within a vehicle was traveling on some extremely narrow roads through the mountains from Sarajevo Bosnia to Montenegro. Unlike the rest of my tour mates, my room mate and I were sitting in the front of the mini van. This gave us a prime view of just how ridiculously close our driver was going to the edge every time we had to pass another vehicle. Most of these vehicles were large tour buses & I honestly don’t know how we managed to fit. The driver seemed to get increasingly nervous and kept telling us how much better the roads, food, scenery etc was in Montenegro (which of course was where he was from). I was looking more and more forward to getting to Montenegro. Fortunately our driver wasn’t biased. Montenegro really is a breathtaking country & worth the drive on some fairly dangerous roads.

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The drive stops for over thirty minutes while a digger excavates large rock from the cliffside.

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A car from the other side gets sick of waiting and decides to drive through while they excavate.

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The first of many tour buses we begin to pass. Each time are pushed closer and closer to the cliff edge. (Excuse the reflections)

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It was worth the drive - Montenegro was ridiculously beautiful.

It was worth the drive – Montenegro was ridiculously beautiful.

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