To celebrate surviving living in New York City for a year, I booked a two week group tour in the Balkins that would take me from Budapest to Split before I moved my whole life from the Big Apple to Berlin.

The trip began in Budapest, a city which I knew nothing about, besides the recommendation that I should find a shoe memorial – the tip came from a friend of mine, who had a special family connection to the meaning behind the memorial. I was so pleased that I managed to find the “Shoes on the Danube Bank,” which honors the Jews who were ordered to remove their shoes before being murdered at the rivers edge during World War II. It was a very meaningful experience. There was little time to explore more of Budapest before our tour group set off on a nine hour train trip to Belgrade, Serbia. I told myself I was practicing for the Trans Siberian railway. If I were to travel from Budapest to Belgrade again, I would hire a car!





Info: I was traveling on a G Adventures group tour from Budapest to Split.