Everyone wants to travel, but the majority of us can’t afford it. Contrary to popular belief, making money and travel, are not mutually exclusive. There are actually plenty of ways to earn while you travel – not all of them will be career furthering, but all will help pay for flights and accommodation.

Here are ten ways to make money while travelling:

  1. Teach English

Teaching English is one of the most common ways to earn a living while abroad. If English is your first language, chances are pretty high that you can learn to teach English. Start with a TEFL course and then look at South Korea, Japan, Spain, Thailand, Czech Republic and South America (and other places) for roles. Countries vary differently on benefits, wages and lifestyle so plenty of research into each place is key.

      2. Pull pints

It’s another obvious one, but it needs to be said – there are plenty of people travelling and working in hospitality as they go. The benefits of working in hospitality are flexibility, work availability practically everywhere you go, and the ability to up and leave whenever you like.

      3. Become a nanny or Au Pair

If you like kids, then becoming a nanny is a great way to earn and live abroad. If you become a live-in nanny, then your accommodation is sussed too. This seems like a good starting point for info.

      4. Work on a farm or ranch

Working in agriculture is a great way to get seasonal work. There are plenty of places where farm workers are needed – New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States are good places to begin your search. I grew up on a dry-stock farm and worked on a dairy farm during my school holidays and have to say much of that work was better than some of the professional roles I’ve had! Farm work is flexible, outdoors, will help you to develop practical skills and gives you an appreciation for where your food comes from.

      5. Become a WWOOF-er

Another way to work in agriculture is by WWOOF-ing. The acronym stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. As you would expect from the title – the farms are organic and normally offer free accommodation in exchange for work. Obviously the experience will vary from place to place, but this website is a good place to learn more.

       6. Start a travel blog

There are a few exceptional people who make money by writing about travel. If you think you can make it as one of them, travel blogging is certainly worth looking in to. As they will tell you, it’s a lot more work than it looks. Don’t just think in words, or pictures – plenty of travel bloggers have popular Youtube channels too.

      7. Freelance travel writing

It seems as though the days when one could make a living by freelance travel writing are gone – but maybe you could be the exception. There are plenty of magazines, newspapers and online blogs, printing travel articles from contributors. Whether you’re one of them will come down to experience, pitch and your writing of course. The only problem with this – the publications often pay peanuts.

      8. Work remote

Do you actually need to work in your corporate office? From my experience in digital marketing, there are plenty of employees who could work remote and many who do already. Some of my colleagues I’ve only ever met in emails, Skype and conference calls. I once worked with a guy who lived in Miami and another who lived in the South of France. Ask around at your company and you never know what opportunities might be available.

     9. Become a digital nomad

Becoming a digital nomad is no mean feat, but there are a few fields of digital work where it is possible – most of which are on the tech side of things. There are also plenty of people inspired by The Four-Hour Work Week staring their own business’, working from their laptops and living on the road. That book is very high on my “to read list”.

    10. Find professional work

This is the option I chose when I set out to travel the world. It might not have crossed your mind, but you really can further your career while you travel. For the past two years I’ve been on the road and furthering my career in digital marketing, in fact – I began my career on the road! There is one caveat for this though – the career will dictate the destinations not the other way around – there aren’t really two-ways about this one. I chose New York, London, Hong Kong and Melbourne because I knew I would find work. I chose Canada for the lifestyle… and we all know how that turned out.

Until next time,

Safe travels xx