After traveling on a nine hour train ride from Budapest to Belgrade it was time for another long traveling day; this time from Serbia to Bosnia & Herzegovina. The car ride was around eight hours, but it was worth it. This was the part of the adventure that I really started to enjoy. The scenery for our drive was beautiful and the places we visited started to get much more interesting. Sarajevo is unlike any other place I’ve ever been. Sarajevo is beautiful, rich with history and enriched with a unique cultural blend of people. The food however, is not quite as enticing. There are two main options in Sarajevo. Cevapi or Burek (pie). Restaurants serve either one or the other. I ate Cevapi three times and Burek two. Neither of which are healthy and neither of which I greatly enjoyed. I never need to eat Cevapi or Burek again – unless I’m back in Sarajevo of course.