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After leaving Luang Prabang we drove for eight hours to Vang Vieng – the tubing capital. At the time “tubing” had been shut down due to all the deaths and injuries that had been happening due to the binge drinking and low safety standards. This meant the town was pretty dead, but we could still enjoy the beautiful scenery and adventurous activities that the town had to offer.

I spent the next day burning around on a sweet dune-buggy – driving on the opposite side of the road made it a little harder and I tried to forget about the fact that I had to sign a form that said I had a motorbike licence (which I do not) and that my insurance would definitely not cover this!

On our thrilling dune buggy journey we had the opportunity to swim in waterfalls, (one of my bucket list items) explore huge caves (with absolutely no safety barriers) and drink coconuts by the blue lagoon – to say it was pretty amazing, is an understatement.

Vang Vieng lookout

Our tour group on the way to Vang Vieng