Want to know why I’m off to Hong Kong? Well, I’m here to tell you. While living in London I realised that this little heart of mine was made to wander the world. It wasn’t made to sit in one place, and if I were to stop moving; London wouldn’t be my first choice.

So, when my work contract was ending, my flat lease was up and I was soon going back to New Zealand for a three week holiday, I decided not to return to London and instead use the speed bumps as an opportunity to get onto a new road.

How do I decide where to go next? 

I get out the world map – literally. I look at all of the countries in the world, yes all 193 of them, although there are quite a few I can cross off pretty quickly. When I do this, I start to zone in on an area. The first of these in this particular search was Scandinavia.

As I research different places I think about what I want in a destination.

I like big cities. I like energy. I want to meet lots of people, I want diversity and I want a place where I can find work and further my career (in digital marketing).

Scandinavia wasn’t ticking all of these boxes. Once I had gotten over the idea of having a ridiculously good looking Swedish boyfriend, I moved on to North America.

Toronto was ticking nearly all of the boxes, and since I loved New York so much, I figured Toronto would be a similar experience.

When I messed up my Canadian visa application I took it as a sign to go back to the map and make sure that Toronto really was for me. That was when I started looking at the Middle East and Asia. Dubai and Abu Dhabi although appealing, were ruled out for their lack of fair treatment towards women and limited public transport.

Tokyo, although very high on the list, was ruled out due to lack of diversity, treatment of women and my lack of Japanese and there I was; with a remaining city; Hong Kong, a city that seemed immediately to be ticking all of the boxes… I hadn’t been this excited since I decided to move to New York and I was so excited that I forgot all about Toronto!

What seems so great about Hong Kong?  

Great public transport, hundreds of beaches, energy, a new culture, a melting pot, apartment living, great views, theme parks, heat, diversity, work opportunities and location.

It’s also a safe and healthy place to live, even though there is smog, women in Hong Kong actually live the longest in the world!

What if I don’t like it?

Then I’ll leave.

A wonderful friend that I met while living in NYC told me weeks before I left for Berlin that “you are not a tree, if you don’t like it you can move.” I liked that phrase and a couple of months later when I realised that Berlin wasn’t for me, I reminded myself that I had no roots in the ground, I was more like a bird that could move anywhere in the world I wanted.

So… how can I just go without visiting first? 

Because it’s there! Based on my research, goals, likes and dislikes, I believe that HK will be a great place for me, but I’m not a tree – I can move if I want to.

I might still be there in 20 years or I might have left in 12 months, maybe even two hours if they don’t like the look of me at the border. My life doesn’t rest on the idea of HK, I have come to realise that there are a multitude of opportunities and experiences that we can choose to take up, or pass up. If we don’t like something, then we can make another decision, but for now, I’m going for it!

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Safe travels xx