This morning the words “a flower for your gun” came into my mind. I was in the shower at the time, considering how I should deal with today and how I should deal with all situations where I see injustice, hatred and ignorance. I thought deeply on this. I wondered if I should choose ignorance and ignore them, should I fight them with all my might or embrace the situation, hoping I can get something out of it, whilst others lose? None of those options felt right.

What we focus on grows.

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Flowers for guns.

There are guns being fired across the world – both physical and metaphorical. People are calling each other names, people are causing damage to property and people are intentionally hurting one-another. Guns will never solve our gun problem, but flowers might.

Those words have been in my head all day. I have reminded myself that the only way forward is with flowers and not with guns. I’m not just referring to the inauguration here, because I think this applies to all situations in life. We all have negative aspects to our world. We all know someone hateful that takes pleasure in our unhappiness. We all know someone ignorant. We all know someone lazy and someone who is apathetic, but we all know someone loving too. Someone kind and caring. Someone passionate, talented and hardworking. Hopefully we know more of the later – but we all know at least one.

When something so large epitomises the things we detest about the world and convinces us that hate has won it is hard not to be disillusioned, frustrated and shocked by it. Why didn’t I attend a protest when I agree wholeheartedly with the protestors? Because attending a protest that is against a list of things to me no longer seems a positive way forward – even if it seems like the best thing to do. I love that people went out to protest today, because it shows that they care, they want change, they want good for others even if they’re not affected themselves. Apathy is the killer and these wonderful people are anything but apathetic.

I didn’t go, simply out of hope – whatever we resist grows and I don’t want hatred to grow – I want love to grow and happiness, peace and flowers. I want flowers to grow everywhere and that is what I put all my energy into today – the beauty of our wonderful world.

Mother Theresa said:

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

That is why I didn’t participate in any demonstrations today, nor did I have any heated discussions or spend the day on social media. Instead I took myself on my own march – a peace march. Around the same time as the protests I took myself on a long walk around Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens. I spent time by waterfalls, the lakes, flowers and spent more than enough time in the sunshine (sorry sunburnt skin).

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I walked against nothing and I walked FOR everything wonderful.

I walked FOR peace.

I walked FOR happiness.

I walked FOR compassion.

I walked FOR equality – FOR ALL people regardless of gender, orientation, race and religion.

I walked FOR a protected natural environment.

I walked FOR flowers and I found many, many flowers on my walk. (It’s amazing what you find when you are looking).

And whilst I was walking for all these things I thought about how I might better contribute to to the consciousness of the planet. I created a few goals for myself – these are aspirational of course… but every success starts with a dream.

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If there is a gun – add a flower.

If there is hate – be more loving.

If there is anger – be kinder.

If you are in a negative situation – leave and find a positive one.

If there inequality – be more equal.

If there is distraction – find connection.

If there is frustration – brainstorm or, if necessary, walk away.

And if there is more than one gun? Add just as many flowers.

Until next time,

Safe travels and more flowers.