You may have read my other post about London, the one in which I list ten reasons not to move there. I stand by that post. I don’t think London is a great place to live, especially for Australians and New Zealanders, who have a much wider and more exciting range of options to choose from. But there are a few good reasons to move to London. Since my other post is so negative, it seems only fair to list some reasons (I can’t come up with ten) in favour of moving there.

Here are six reasons to move to London:

  1. Jobs

London has jobs. A lot of jobs. If there’s anywhere in the world where I found it easy to find work (in advertising) – it’s London (actually it was easier in Melbourne, but I figure I’m practically a local there). That’s not to say that you don’t need to be persistent. I detailed my actions (company approaches, recruiter interviews & LinkedIn messages) in a spreadsheet and by the end there were almost 100 separate actions. Essentially that’s probably around 60-70 companies (including recruiter firms) that I contacted – of that I had 10 or more interviews and finally selected one freelance role. I was offered plenty of follow-up interviews and a few roles for the following year (but I decided not to return to London).

How best to find work in London? For me it was through recruiters – I also managed to get a number of interviews by approaching marketing companies that I liked and got one interview because of a friend recommendation.

   2. The accents

Like a guy or gal with an attractive accent? London is the place for you. People in London sound amazing, even when they moan, they sound great doing it. Throw into that the Scottish, Irish and Welsh (Oh, maybe not Welsh) accents and you’re in for a treat.

   3. Cute people

This is obviously subjective, but living in London, I’ve never seen so many good looking people in my life. The guys are cute and dress well. If only they didn’t moan all the time…

4. It’s liveable 

London is a perfectly liveable city. Once set up with a job and an apartment, there’s nothing particularly bad or good about London – it just is. Nothing will bother you, but nothing will really excite you either.

5. It’s kind of magical (to visit) 

Visiting, on the other hand, is a magical experience. The cobblestoned streets, red phone boxes, Underground, Queens Guards, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Columbia Road Flower Market and, if you’re visiting near Christmas, – the festive decorations and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, are just some of the quaint, novel and magical experiences you can have as a visitor to London.

6. It’s close to other places 

Travel is easy and it’s cheap – and this is really the best reason to move to London! Paris, Lisbon, Copenhagen Stockholm, Berlin and many other places are right on your doorstep!

Want tips on moving to London? Hop over to my other post and learn the things I wish I knew before I moved there!

Safe travels xx